The Power of Fear
4:27pm 12/18/2013
That’s something I often ask myself.   I'm not talking about the easy stuff: fear of speaking, fear of spiders, fear of heights. No, I am talking about the fear that silently paralyzes us on a regular basis. I'm talking about underlying fears that we typically don't even recognize. Has it ever occurred to you how the fear of failure, the fear of embarrassment, the fear of our unlimited possibilities, or even the fear of success keep us from really living?

This morning I had a nagging thought about my procrastination in regard to writing this article. I promised to fulfill a deadline weeks ago, yet I could not bring myself to start. This morning, I recognized that it is an underlying fear that has kept me from even starting to write. For me, this fear is that my words will not be perfect. This is a fear that I have struggled with for as long as I can remember. Perfect. I'm afraid that if I don't say it right, punctuate it right, format it for Google just right, then I have failed.

So here are some steps that the coach is taking to overcome the power of her own fear. 
  • Identify the fear, and then recognize the limitations it creates.  See the fear for what it is, not for the untruths we create based on it.  
  • Create the desire to break the cycle – I don’t need to be perfect.  I don’t really even want to be perfect. I don’t want this fear to hold me back any longer. 
  • Only accept real truths.  For example: Real Truth – “I want to write these blogs to share with you my thoughts, struggles, and insights.”  False Truth – “If I'm not perfect. You won't accept me or my message.” 
I will close with saying that it feels wonderful to make even the tiniest of steps toward real truths; about sharing who and what I am and taking back the power from the fears that have long limited me. 


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