Life Coaching

What Is Life Coaching?
Everyone can use a life coach. The process can benefit everyone, no matter where they are in life, if they are even remotely interested in creating a more balanced life and breaking the cycle of years of pre-programing from their previous life experiences.

Life Coaching is a way of assisting people to see the things they are not seeing in order to open up possibilities that did not exist before.  It is a very good way of getting "unstuck". Life Coaching is more than being an accountability partner that supports someone in pursuing their goals or a disciplinarian who changes someone's unwanted actions. Much like sports, coaches use their resources to encourage, cultivate and motivate the "player" to make the most of their talents and resources. Coaches assist you to: overcome obstacles and fears, focus on solutions, have someone to bounce ideas off, no matter how silly they may seem, discover truths about you, and how you can improve, accomplish more than you thought possible, and achieve balance in your personal, work and family lives.

Unlike counseling, that typically focuses on "What is wrong" with a person, coaching focuses directly with "What is right". In going through the coaching journey, you will discover your strengths, your passions and very specifically who you are and that which motivates you to follow that passion. Life coaching is about options and a way forward, highlighting the future aspects of a person's life. Rather than actually telling someone the answers, a Life Coach is the catalyst for getting a client to find the answers themselves. By asking challenging and thought provoking questions, a Life Coach can unlock the potential in a client.

You and your coach will develop an ongoing partnership, based upon trust. A skilled Life Coach will be the totally objective, nonjudgmental, supportive mirror into whom you really are and what you purpose is. Your coach will provide life options, new perspectives, encouragement, and concentrated attention to give you the insight, and confidence to take life-improving actions towards your goals. Your coach will assist you to identify your self-imposed obstacles (blind spots) and further assist you to overcome them to reach your goals.