The Process

12 Week Individual Coaching

What to expect:

  • Attend a 30 minute complimentary "is this for you" meeting
  • Meet with your coach for one hour sessions
  • Read the agreed upon reading field work
  • Actively participate in all field work assignments
  • Receive full confidentiality

12 Month Maintenance Program

    Maintenance is offered as monthly or bi-weekly dependent on your schedule or needs

Seminar / Workshops

    Let Go Inc. is partners with other "like minded" coaching organizations to offer the most out of your journey
  • Paramount Applications, Ever Wonder Series of Workshops include:
    • Where did I Go?
    • What's Eating You?
    • Y is there no "me" in Mommy?
    • What are you Pretending Not to Know?
  • Focus Seminars
    • Inspired Life Weekend and Momentum:
    • For information on the Inspired Life Weekend and Momentum Workshops through Focus, please visit  These workshops enable you to experience personal power through time and tools to create your best self.  The tools learned promote positive rewards in your personal and professional life individually and within relationships.  These particular workshops are immensely effective in increasing individual and corporate achievements hence elevating profits which make them beneficial not only to individuals, but to corporations as well
  • Compass Global Group
    • The Heart of the Courageous - The Gift of Love Based Anger:
    • For an introduction video, please visit Most of us hold ourselves back at home and at work due to past and present grievances. Somehow, being angry has a place in life, to work for us - not against us. This seminar is available for women and men individually to explore anger and how to use it productively to get the healthiest results in your life.  A combined session is also presented for married couples after the individual sessions are completed. 
    • Navigating Marriage - Intentional Choices:
    • For more information on these interactive workshops for married couples, please visit  As many people are not intentional in knowing their partner and staying connected the divorce rate continues to soar. The ever-changing nature of families and relationships is inevitable. You deserve to protect it by being intentional and these seminars give marriages the tools to do so.

Corporate Coaching

Business Consulting